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Thread: Can I direct stream copy?

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    Default Can I direct stream copy?

    using Ulead VideoStudio 7 along with some freeware programs like virtualDub were I do most of my compression. Have two questions I hope you all might beable to help me out with.

    First off my videos are starting off in an uncompressed Intel 4:2:0 video V2.55.016 as some have guessed Fraps 1.9D. When I make a minor editing to the video in Ulead I would like to beable to do so and have it come out the same compression. But the only Uncompressed compession it has is RGB24 which is like 100mbs bigger then the intel. The same intel 4:2 comression isn't on ulead but was hoping someone knew away to direct stream the compression.

    Second question is a major one. Woundering what compression you guys have had luck with. Would like to keep it around 10mbs per second or lower without losing to much quality?

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    Nice can't even edit my typo
    Mean 10mbs per min.

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    If you want to get to around 10MB for one minute of video, then by coincidence, this is the the data rate for the VCD standard. Quality is poor however. On the other hand, you could use an MPEG4 codec like DivX to get good quality video at the same level of data per minute of video.
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    yeah, that's what I have been using XVID Mpeg-4 codec

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