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    i m really new to video editing.. i done some stuff back in the day in High School. Which was like 5 years ago. ripping off a VHS player.. some adboe stuff..

    I m wondering what program you would use to make those Spoof trailers that ive been seeing on youtube and stuff..

    I have a project due in a month or so and i want to add something like that to it.

    Ive been searching around, finding out how to do some small stuff like take clips off using aoe, but it takes forever.

    Sorry for the newbie question i just want to learn.


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    Ok first thing!

    Video Editing Takes time!!!!! No really, to do anything well and make it look good takes lots of time. Too many people complain about it taking along time or as you put it - "forever"! Just accept that its a long process and be patient. Its worth it in the end.

    As to what to use: There are many many edit applications out there. It depends on what you want to achive and what level of skill and the amount of work you are prepared to put in.

    With alot of thought and planning its would be possible to produce good works in even the simplest of packages. What is your budget? Do you have any experience?

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    ive been searching around and i think unlead will be what i will be doing.. since i m a rookie

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