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Thread: Name of effect please

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    Default Name of effect please

    Hi people,

    I am new to video editing but am slowly getting the bug.

    Could you please help me find out the name of the effect I am about to describe, sorry if it seems a bit vague!!

    It is the effect of using a picture and moving a camera around the picture, as if your eyes were moving over the picture...

    Hope that is obvious to some of you and sorry if it is a stupid question!!

    Also, I am using adobe premiere elements 2.0 and am hoping that the effect is available.. If it is could you tell me where it is, if not, could you tell me if it is available in adobe premiere pro?

    thanks for your help

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    This is very simple to achieve in premiere. Import the picture into premiere then put it into you timeline. There is no specific effect for this you have to manually move the picture adding keyframes as you move it. What i mean is move the playhead to the start, goto position and change the position to were you want the picture to start and hit the stopwatch for each postion option ie Zoom,rotation,positionetc. Then go to the end or half way through and move the picture to were you want it to be and it should automatically add another keyframe.
    Thats it play the sequence and your picture will move, There are other options you can choose for the keyframes to ease in ease out, just play around with it until you get the option you prefer.
    Hope this helps
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    Default Try After Effects, OK?

    I think the best software to help you out is Adobe After Effects. Therein, there is the Transform command, which enables you to animate perfectly using Anchor Point, Position, Scale, Rotation and Opacity.

    Why dont you try it out there? I guess it will do it well hopefully.

    Let us know of the outcome.
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    Thanks for your tips guys. The effect I am asking about is in Muvee Autoproducer called magicshot, and it does it automatically, you just tell it where to start and where to stop on your picture...

    will after effects work in a similar way?


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    AE could do it but it's a fairly steep learning curve.

    I think you have all you need with Elements. FNG described it right - it's just about using motion settings on your still image.

    Remember you will have to cut (or zoom) into your photo a bit before you move around it - unless you want to see the edges.

    Someone will correct me if I'm wrong, but this sort of treatment is referred to as the Ken Burns effect - named after the guy who really turned this stuff into an artform.

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    the ken burns effect - just looked it up and it is exactly what I was talking about.

    much appreciated.

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