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Thread: noob trying to get into editing

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    Default noob trying to get into editing

    ok sorry for the really newbie question. and i dont know where to post this but what is a good beginer video editing program. wanted to make my own dvds from home videos, and i really dont know where to start. been checking out some vids of members in here and they are pretty good stuff. would like to get into it
    any help would be greatly appreciated thanks guys

    and i do have a digital cam. its a older sony model

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    Is your camera a dv cam - this would be the best if you want to get into editing, not essential but quality is a little bit better than dvd and the video is much less fussy to edit in most apps.

    As for editors - ask five people and get 5 different answers...

    First off you probably have a free one in XP or the mac - try that first to get you going. Both are limited but can still be used to good effect.

    Avid do a freebie but people say it is crap.

    Next there are value versions of the big expensive editors, not sure of the names - vegas platinum, premier elements (I think), less than 100 and contain a subset of the capabilities of the full programs.

    Next the full price options, vegas, premier pro, fcp (mac only), and more. I am not really an expert on what is available as I just stick to one editor.

    There are some free trials here -

    What PC do you have? Celerons are out, you really need a minimum of a 3 gig p4 / amd xp3000 for things to be smooth and 2 big disc drives, at least 120 gig, one for apps and one for video is reccomended.

    You will also need a DVD authouring program to make playable dvds. Lots are avaiable and again I am not an expert on what is out there.

    Whatever you chose be prepared for a steep learning curve and stick at it and remember that editing is both a technical skill and an art - just keep at it.

    There are some free trials here -

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    Thank u for the reply. Well I guess my celeron is out then. Thanks for the links too. Ima go n do more research, and if I'm stump ill be back 2 ask more questions

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