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Thread: Sync. Multiple Video tracks to One Audio Track

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    Default Sync. Multiple Video tracks to One Audio Track

    I've recorded an audio soundtrack and used 3 DV cams to record a sort-of music performance. I've captured all the footage into vegas, and aligned the video events (on 3 separate tracks) so that the voices are in sync with the soundtrack. However, I can only move them all together by grouping the events, which works but I can easily make mistakes and lose sync.

    Is there any way to force synchronise the 3 video events to the audio event (or at least one vid event to one audio event)? I'm using Sony Vegas 7 - so the feature where you can right click on red coloured audio events and select sync by moving or slipping.


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    You just have to be really careful. I have found this to be a pain myself. Last year i had to cut a 2 hour 5 camera gig. I had my 5 separate video tracks and audio tracks and also my master audio track.

    The key for me was checking over and over again. Its the one thing in Vegas i dont like very much. It would be a great improvement if there were some better audio syncing tools.

    It has come on in ver7 from 6 where its easy to see when video goes out of syn with its own audio as it changes colour. its an idea to keep the audio tracks there muted to make sure the video is in the right place. If you see red - its out of sync.

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    Thanks mark.

    I've managed it but the checking is unfortunately time consuming. I like editing music videos as you can mess around with effects and velocity to an extent without looking tacky, but when I've got a master soundtrack and voices its a pain when it goes out of sync. Particularly if I only notice many cuts later!


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    I know this is a pain, but maybe this a way of doing it.

    Three video tracks, three audio tracks (duplicate the audios frrom your master) Group each vid to the audio and place a marker at the beginning of each so you know where every different track starts and at what time.
    When your editing, as soon as it goes out, you'll spot it. When you finish editing, mute the (now chopped up soundtracks) and add the master at the marker point. Render for three hours at gas mark three.

    I cant guarantee it'll work but it's the best I can come up with.

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    Just an idea, if you but the clips and the audio into the trimmer and put markers on the IN OUT points. Perhaps evry 30sec or minute
    Those markers are visible on the time line so you should be able to sync the start and end points fairly easy by syncing to the nearest marker

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