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Thread: U-Lead Video Studio Problem.

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    Default U-Lead Video Studio Problem.

    I'm captured some video in AVI formatt on U-lead Videostudio 7 SE Basic.
    When I view the footage using Windows Media Player etc. the footage is fine, but when I view the footage on U-lead ( While I am editing it) lines appear through all fast moving objects. I have played around in the settings but can't seem to fix it. If anyone could tell me how to fix theis problem it would be very helpfull.

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    I working on a rather old version of Video Studio here. But it would be worth checking that your project settings are correctly set. To correctly view your source video (as Media Player does) your project settings should be set to DV AVI (NTSC for North America, PAL for UK and Europe).

    In version 4.0 this is achieved by selecting the Templates Manager from the Global Preferences button. May have changed slightly in v7.

    Also worth checking that your directX drivers are up to date.

    Hope that helps!

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    Default Combing

    I think the effect you are getting is called combing. I suffer the same on v8. I am told yo ignore it as the final version played thru media player will be ok as will copies on DVD or VHS.

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    Default Ulead Video Studio 7 SE problems

    I saw your post and was wondering if you could help. I recently purchased an Aiptek DV 4500 (moreless a toy, really) but the bundled software that came with it was Video Studio 7, so I wanted to transfer a bunch of VHS over to digital, and then on to DVD. For some reason, I cannot even open any of the headings, File menu, or capture, edit, etc. I had Roxio movie maker, but had problems with that also, (Reinstalled several times before giving up). I have an AVerMedia DVD EZ Maker PCI capture card.


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