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Thread: Comic book frame/page turn?

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    Default Comic book frame/page turn?

    What would be the best way to achieve this effect? I have a scene in a film
    that pauses, the frame then turns into a "comic book" look. Now what I want
    to happen is the frame shrinks to reveal this comic frame is a frame on a
    page of a comic book. The page of the comic book will turn, the camera will
    zoom to another frame where it will turn back to "reality" and the film will
    resume. Any help to get me pointed in the right direction? Thanks.

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    You would need to create the comic book in photoshop or another similar application. Then take the final freezeframe and the first frame of the respective videos and use compositing methods to poduce what you want.

    Its a relatively simple process byut just very difficult to explain. - If you are of an accomplished editig skill then it will be easy other wise this maybe a bit over ambitious for your level of skill.

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    Well, I don't think it is that easy to do. The turning of the page makes it more complicate.
    Turning a 3D layer in EA is simple but paper is bending when you turn it and you want to simulate that, otherwise it will look like a piece of metal and not like paper.

    I'm not a 3D expert and I'm not good at drawning so if it's possible I would film the turning of the page of the comic book.

    Zoom in on a frame of a comic book, zoom out a couple of seconds later, let someone turn the page and zoom in on a frame on the other page.

    Repeat this several times so you can choose the best shot later and choose comicbook frames which will not distort too much when the page is turned and do not zoom too slow. This will make it somewhat easier in AE later.

    Make a composition in AE and put the best shot of the turning of the page in the timeline, place your comicbook freezeframe on top of it and make it a 3D layer.

    The next thing you must do is to match your comicbook freezeframe with the turning of the page. This is not hard to do but diffucult to explain in a couple of words indeed.

    Good luck!

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    3D is not the way to go on this unless you are competent with working in 3D, niether is shooting someone turning the page unless you specifically want the movement of a hand.

    Funsdamentallt this is a simple process when you break it down.

    The main steps are -
    1. Create the comic book pages.
    2. finish scene1 and zoom out to comic page1
    3. Start scene 2 zooming out of comic page 2
    4. The page turn transition.

    1. In Photoshop, or a graphics application of your choice, create your 2 comic book pages. As a reference it would be wise to export the final frame of your first scene and the first frame of the last scene.

    2. Composite the 2 scenes with no zooming or anything. We'll get to that later. Just get the position of the 2 scenes on the comic book pages right. If you create the 2 scenes to be the actual size of your comic book creating the page turn will be simpler and more realistic. IE Normal screen resolution is 720x576 (pal) I'd imagine the comic strip to be 1024x2400. These will probably turn out to be very large files but they are only a stepping stone.

    3. Once sorted render them out individually then re import them. Make sure you are still working at the resolution of the comic book. Here we will now use a page turn transition. Most NLE's will have a page turn effect. Get the timing sorted then render out the sequence accordingly.

    4 Go back to your original project and import this sequence into the project. Line up the start frame and end frame of the new clip. Then animate the zooming in and out of the clip.

    Once done you should have what you are trying to achieve.

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