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Thread: Two mics-Switching Left and right audio?

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    Default Two mics-Switching Left and right audio?

    I'm using Premiere pro 2 and I wonder if anyone have a tip how to switch the audio from left to right vice versa.

    The problem is that i have a Sony HVR A1E camera. HDV. I have two professional xlr inputs, and if i'm using both the shotgun mic and the interwiew mic, i only get the sound from each of them on one side of the "TV". What i want to do is to double the audio track and split it and switch the new audio track so left is right and right is left. understand?

    someone knows how to do it?


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    In the help center i found a topic with "breakout to mono"

    The problem is that i can't chose this at Clip-Audio Options- Breakout to Mono

    for me it's not possible to chose this option. Any suggestions

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    view>Audio mixer. Then find the pan settigns for each track

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    You could also export the audio to adobe audition if you have it. This allows you to double one side of a track to give you a stereo track
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