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Thread: Jerky Capture Please Help

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    Question Jerky Capture Please Help

    Hi all, I am pretty new to this game however, I have been trying my heart out to get this right and now I feel I am completly stuck.

    I have been given many miniDV tapes and have borrowed a friends JVC camcorder, I have been trying to make a video for our sport which involves alot of fast paced action footage. I worked for hours capturing video clips and sorting them into folders however, I found when I played them back the footage was jerky in sections and even had droppped frames. I thought that it must have been my computer.

    So being the jump in head first kinda guy I am and deciding I wanted some new toys I went and spent some money. I am now running a 3.4ghz P4 HT, 2gb of Ram, a new Abit Board capable of 1066FSB, a 256mb A7600GT graphics card and a brand new 130gb hard drive.

    I tried playing some of the clips from my old hard drive, No effect. I then copyed some clips to my new hard drive, No effect. I have captured a few clips again using Ulead VideoStudio 7 SE VCD. The first 3 are fine smooth as a babies bum. I then started to capture a couple of clips of our sport and they are still jerky. I am at my wits. I have spent hours and hours trying to get this together and feel like I am back at square one. I am capturing in DV-2 format at 25fps.

    Any Help would be greatfully recieved.

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    When you say jerky is this the Final render of your video? If so what format have you saved it in and at what bit rate (if for instance you have saved as AVI uncompressed then it will be jerky or if you are watching the RAW footage you have pulled off the camera then once again it will be jerky because of the sheer size) or is it on the video preview window within the editing program? If so render it then play it and you find it is fine. If it's to be played on a DVD render as Mpeg 2.

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    How did you connect the camcorder to the computer? Do you defragment your hard disk on a regular basis especially when capturing video?

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