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Thread: Is Adobe Elements the way to go HELP !

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    Default Is Adobe Elements the way to go HELP !

    Hi Guys
    Feel like I've jumped in the deep end and not learnt how to swim , but I guess you've heard it all before . So heres my sob story .

    Just caught a load of footage using a PD150P at a horse trials and stupidy said I could output it on DVD's for people ... me and my big mouth . But having Premier 6 and played with BUT never having burnt a DVD yet ...I pulled all the footage into Premier , thinking I could then burn a dvd later ...theres the problem . The .avi's wont pull into Nero ...i dont have another editting / burning package BUT will go down to pc world and buy Elements if its going to do the trick .

    Only problem i have is that the files are in 6 , so next question will Elements allow me to import work from 6 ...if yes then I'm saved ...if not then my pc developed a crash and all the work was lost :( . The .avi's are still there and can still edit / view them in 6.

    Over to you guys , can anyone help ?

    All best

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    Hi Greg.

    AVI files are not the ones that make a DVD up. The ones you need are MPEG2 which means you have to do a conversion first. Edit your footage, then render it out as per the above and you should then be able to make your DVD.

    edit - I should point out I use Sony software not adobe so can't advise how to do the conversion in your program but it should be a pretty simple task.
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    Never used v6 but in later versions (now called 'pro') look for 'Adobe Media Encoder' under the export menu. Once in that choose MPEG2 as your format, tweak the options for MPEG2 to your own personal preference and hit the big bad 'go' button.

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