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    Hey all,

    Kind of new to the V-E scene, have played around a bit in the past with a vhs cam and stills, then as technology improved I moved into an 8mm cam, now I'm all growed up and I will be looking at a hard drive camera in the near future. Just recently got A Pinnacle pci card, with Studio 9 patched to 9.4.3. Have some promising propositions after making a few "hobby" videos, (home vid choreographed to songs, game vids choreographed to songs, etc) but I think my equipment is still in the lower end of the amatuer pool. I'd like to move not so much into a "professional" level system but maybe higher up the amatuer ladder without spending a new car..

    Current system:

    Asus A8n-SLI mobo
    Amd athlon 64 3500+ 2.2 g cpu
    ATI radeon X800XL vids
    2 gig PQI PC3200 dual channel ram
    Antec True 480w ps
    Sony DW-D26A 16x dual layer DVD RW
    500 gig Western Digital (2x250) raid 0
    200 gig Western Digital slave

    Using Pinnacle Studio 9.4.3

    Capturing 8mm from a Sony DCR-TRV350 Steadyshot handy cam via firewire

    Any advice to improve performace and stability will be greatly appreciated..


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    sounds like a nice system - I run the same board and its a gread board.

    I would recommend upgrading the slave to raid aswell


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