I've got a problem exporting to either .AVI or .MPG in Prem 6.5. The footage on the project window looks lovely but when i export it, its has horrible jagged edges - kind of like it was all made with lego. these are only subtle and really pick up around the white areas (its a B/W film) but i just know on a larger screen it's gonna look pants.

Ive tried deinterlaceing the footage, i've fiddled with the export settings but i'm not so hot on the technical side of things. I've also tried to fix it in Combustion and After Effects and it still looks shoddy..

i'm capturing from a Panasonic NV-DS11. i'm not sure what i'm doing wrong (obviously)...can anyone help? also you may have to explain in laymans terms aswell.

thank you for your time - first one to help fix my problem gets a credit on my film...


House Of Myrmidon