its my first time on here and im a bit stuck
after many painfull years of editing on sony edit staion 3, i decided it was time to purchase a new computer in the hope that technology wouldn't get the better of me.
so yesterday i bought a philips media centre MTI800 PC to do video editing on, i captured my footage useing wire fire conection onto windows movie maker and also on adobe premire pro 2.0, just to see what the difference in outcome was, i then burned the footage onto DVD just to test it out on my DVD player but found that the images on both DVD's were blocky and didn't run smoothly.
when viewing the captured footage back on the PC more closely, the colours were blocky and with a closer eye didn't run smoothly. so i thought it was my camera, tested it on the tv and it was fine.
ive tried different settings in the capture options but this doesn't seem to change anything,
because im a bit new to this could it be something that im missing in the settings? or does it sound like a fault on the computer?

i hope you can understand this,
any help would be much appreciated