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Thread: what do u guys think of this?

  1. Default what do u guys think of this?

    this is just a preview of what im working on, its pretty simple but what do u guys think?

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    looks pretty good but pretty generic. I don't really know how you could make it different from other skating videos but they kind of all look the same.
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    yeah thats true, i hope the work that i intend to put in this movie will allow me to maste premiere for my next movie

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    Looks well done. The subject matter isn't riveting, though.

    The camera work is pretty good, though a little bouncy in spots. Might be a bit more interesting with a steady cam moving along with the action. There's a 'poor man's' version of a steady-cam mount you can build, information is here -

    The editing looks fine, I like the text work.

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    thnx a lot for that link, i might build me one of those

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