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Thread: Video and audio sync???

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    Default Video and audio sync???

    i am new here. I have a video recording of a concert audience source. The image is good but the sound is bad. I also have an audio recording of the same show soundboard source. The video is in VHS nad i can record it to dvd. But my question is how can i sync the video with the soundboard audio source to produce a full dvd?
    Help please

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    you will need to bring bith the video and audio into an edit package.

    Sync the wave from up to the old poor quality audio

    delete the old audio

    render out this new version as an mpeg2

    then author a dvd

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    thank you fo rthe info but what is the best edit or at least some of teh mora capable edit packs i can use? I am sorry but i am a nerd in this matter

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