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    i am using adobe premiere pro 7. i am very new. i want to create new clips from a large video file. i cant figure out how to do it. im sure it is easy but could someone point me in the right direction?


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    There are many ways. The first is to add the whole video to the timeline use the razor tool (select it from the toolbox or press C) to cut the big file at the places you want to make little clips and then delete the bits in between that you don't want, then right click in the gaps and choose ripple delete to close the gaps.

    Another way is to double click the big file in the project window and it will open in the source monitor(the video screen on the left) and then you can drag the cursor through the video until you get to the place that you want the clip to start and press I, this will create your mark in point. Then find the place that you want that clip to finish and press O this will mark the out point. Place your cursor in the source monitor screen and drag the clip to the timeline, and only the part between the in and out points will go in to the timeline. Repeat this process until you have all the clips you want.
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