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Thread: timeline: how view every frame?

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    Default timeline: how view every frame?

    I'm giving Sony Vegas a try (possibly moving from Adobe), but there's this stupid problem I can't get past.

    When I import a .avi, and drag the event to the timeline, I get a nice looking timeline. Until I zoom in, and realize there is only a thumbnail at the start of every second. (Then there's white space for the next 29 frames, and then a preview thumbnail and then another blank 29 frames, etc)

    In the adobe timeline, you can zoom in and see almost a "flip book" progression of movement over every captured frame (so you know exactly between which frames you're cutting on the timeline.) Is this possible in Vegas?

    I've tried looking at all the preferences settings (and right clicking here and there) but no luck. I tried searching the forums, but I guess everyone is smart enough to figure out how to do this except for me.


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    To me it sounds like you have the time line stretched way out to far, if you have a mouse wheel on your mouse you can extend and shrink the time line by using that if not, under the time line is the scroll bar, place the mouse cursor on the end of the bar, click the left mouse button and you can stretch/shrink the time line that way.

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    Looks that way to me too. As you zoom in vegas shows all the frames it cam fit on the timeline untill you get really close and then you get the gaps when you only see the single frames.

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    Thanks for the input so far...

    So you're saying that is the way the program is supposed to work?

    If I import a 2 second .avi file, the program is only able to show 2 thumbnails, and there is no way to view on the timeline all 60 frames in the event?

    Then how do you split a clip exactly between the two frames you want? (ie, Is there an alternative way to view all the frames that doesn't involve the timeline?)

    thanks again

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    No, if you import a 2 sec clip you can stretch out the video to show all the frames, but if you keep stretching you will end up with each frame and with white ones behind it. If you are only getting 2 frames and nothing else then I'd say that you settings are screwed and sorry I can't think why.

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