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Thread: What can I do with audition?

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    Default What can I do with audition?

    This might seem like a really stupid question but anyway..

    I've been given a copy of adobe premiere an audition and ive pretty much been throwing myself into premiere. ive learnt loads but still have a long way to go.

    I was wondering how easy audition is to get to grips with an whether ill need any other hardware. primarily ill want to use it for recording music. can i import beats from say Fruity loops and just plug in my guitar with a jack to jack or will that sound rubbish? is it possible to do that without gettin more hardware? do any plug ins make a guitar sound real if it hasnt been recorded with a mic to an amp? how long would it take learn how to do just basic stuff like that? Finally, how can it help me in premiere? could i use it to make speech clearer an reduce background noise or music?

    if anyone knows, pleaes tell me!


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    Audition is more effort to put than Premiere.

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    Quote Originally Posted by canadabull View Post
    Audition is more effort to put than Premiere.
    Looks like Englilsh but didn't understand it sorry

    Seriously, "What is Audition USed For?" can be answered as follows....

    If you want to edit video what do you use? Premiere in one of it's flavours right? Or at least you do if you go the Adobe route anyways.

    If audio is your thing then whatever you want to do i.e. mix, edit, master CDs make you 5.1 soundtrack for your DVDs then use Audition.

    It's as simple as that. Editting audio is at least as difficult to do as edittign video. Erros are much easier to spot and it is a true artform in my opinion. Audio should never be thought of as an afterthought to any video you might make. It's serious and needs proper tools to get things their best. Enter Audition!

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    It's worth getting to know Audition. I was introduced to it by Alan and I found it a bit daunting at first. Now that I've got to know it a bit (although probably only about 10% of what it can do) I'm really impressed. Even the older versions are t'riffic.

    You don't need any hardware but can add numerous tracks, mix them, fade, create loops and so on. A lot of musicians use Cubase but Audition is (in my opinion) far better, once you've got the hang of it.

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    Audition is def the business for audio (been using it since it was Cool Edit Pro) its a fave in some of the radio stations I've worked in, we use it in our studio, but if its a composition that involves midi and audio, we're inclined to use Cubase or Sonar (Cakewalk), its a case of the best tool for the audition integrates seamlessly into Premiere for exporting and importing audio.

    The other part of your question....yes , there are plugins available to use with your guitar....some of them very good at recreating all the well known guitar amps and sounds....just do a google for directX guitar plugins, they will integrate with Audition

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