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    Ive been using 6.5 for a while at work just to do boring stuff an now i wanna do transitions an it doesnt seem to work. ive followed the instructions meticulously - i can see it there on teh clip an can even change settings but when i watch it through on teh time line its still a jump cut only with a frame of black (with a little cross in the middle) between cuts. where am i going wrong?!?!



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    Are the two clips fully buted up against each other so there are no gaps?


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    yep, ive ripple deleted the gap and layed the transition right over it, then pressed play in th monitor window an it always goes the same - no transition an a horrible black fram an a cross.

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    It has been a while since I worked with Premiere 6.5, I am on Pro 2.0 now, but as I recall you need to render a lot of effects or transitions before you can preview them.

    You can recognize the need to render by a red bar just above the transition area or the area where you applied an effect to.

    Hit the enter key when your in the timeline and Premiere will do a render and show you the transition.

    As I said before, it is a long time since I worked with 6.5 and I can't very on my computer if I'm wright, but I hope this will solve your problem.

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    thankyou so much, i knew it'd be something simple I was over looking. it seems strange tho that you should have to enter it before you can watch it. Its also a little annoying how you have to render it everytime u wanna watch that specific transition and to watch the whole timeline a you intend it you have to save it which takes AGES. im really enjoyin the programme but maybe im not naturally disosed to technology!

    Thanks again


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    You don't have to watch the whole timeline through, once it is rendered you can skip to whichever part you want to see.


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    With P6.5, to avoid having to render every transition or filter effect, you can also press the alt + scrub the time marker this gives you a much quicker preview of the added effects.

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