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    I'm posting this in Hardware Problems, but I'm not entirely sure what my problem is. Here goes...I was using the movie mode on my digital camera and making short videos with fabulous results. It captured in mov format at 15 frames a second. So, it was great, but I was ready for a dedicated movie camera...higher quality, right? I bought a miniDV Panasonic pvgs300 after much research. Footage plays very nice on the tv. But I am mostly wanting to post on the internet. I'm using firewire to transfer to pc. I edit with the same software as the footage shot with my digital camera...but the quality is not as good no matter how i output it. I've tried every format. It's smoother than my old footage because it's capturing at more than 15 frames per second, but the quality of the image itself is not as good. Over five hundred dollars for worse image quality than movie mode on a four hundred dollar digital still camera? I can't seem to find anyone talking about this on the web. Am I missing something?

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    What software are you using? Perhaps you are not capturing at the full resoloution of the camera?

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    Thanks for replying, Mark. I've used both Windows Movie Maker and software that came with my camera called Motion DV studio. I import from the camera using DV/AVI which from what I've read is supposed to maintain quality. I don't remember seeing any other settings on importing that way, but I'll check it out.

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