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Thread: Transferring footage from DVD Cam to Computer

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    Default Transferring footage from DVD Cam to Computer


    Apologies upfront for being completely clueless on this one but I guess everyone has to start somewhere!

    I'd like to do some amateur video editing, home movies type stuff. I've got a Mac and I was given a Sony DVD HandyCam (DCR-DVD92E) as a gift.

    Unfortunately it seems that I have no way of getting the DVD footage onto my Mac. There are no USB or I-link connections and Sony helpdesk are basically saying I'm screwed - they just noted that they'd brought out new models that could be edited on a computer, but none were Mac compatible.

    Before I admit defeat and buy a new camcorder, has anyone got any ideas on how I can get my footage onto my Mac and then what kind of package I should be looking at for editing.

    Any help would be hugely appreciated, thanks

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    Has a Mac not got a DVD drive?

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    It has got a CD drive but it's built in (not a slide out mechanism) and it's built for full size CDs (not the mini discs my camcorder uses).

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    Get yourself a drive that is compatable, most are I think.

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    Default Sony Handycam DVD to MAC Computer

    I have a mac and have hed the same problem but have managed to get around this.

    When you have finished recording on the camera finalize the disk in playback mode.

    Once you have done turn on the application i-movie, then plug in the USB cable from the camera to the mac. Your DVD application will open and when it does just close it. Then i-movie will then reconize that a source made by Sony has been plugged in and will start to read the contents of the disk. When this is done your will be able to download and edit.

    Have fun, this has taken me a couple of weeks to find out, but I remembered that my DVD plyer attached to the TV does not play the disks unless they are finalized.

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    Does the 'superdrive' as it's called on the mac not play both cd's and dvd's? I thought they played both discs but then again your mac may be an older model?

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    this is a brand new mac, but the drives on a mac do not take 80mm dvd's

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