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Thread: Finished Dvd and Vcd poor Quality

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    Default Finished Dvd and Vcd poor Quality

    Beginer needs help ?
    Using MV750i video camera, capturing video using Firewire to HP Media Centre M7635 PC. Using software, Windows Movie maker and have also tried Sonic MY DVD. Cannot produce good full size Quality Video.
    Edited films capured back to my Video camera, played backed to a TV using the Video camera are better quality.
    Is the problem related to the Video camera having recording pixels of only 320x240 or is there better software that will over come this.

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    The GIGO Rule: Garbage In = Garbage Out.
    You need to capture in full resolution (720x576) beforehand.

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    Default DVD & VCD Quality

    Thank you Thank You
    Found on Windows Movie Settings High Quality pal setting 720 x576 and then captured. Great Improvement in the quality.

    Should be updating to Vista soon and apparately the Windows Movie Maker has improvements one i am aware is Burning facilities. ??

    I am very interested to learn more, but at my own pace I would like to choose the correct editing and burning soft ware have you any suggestion please.

    Reading the preferences on this site Adbode Encore and Premier prov2 have been mentioned, would they be more for the proffessionals ?

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    What editor would suit you depends on your aspirations and budget. Most editors 'above' wmm look and work much the same (ish). Most popular editors are available in a value package that is a stripped down version with less functionality, functions many may never miss or need.

    However, if you can afford it and are really going to get into film making I would suggest a full featured editor.

    Check out some free trials and see what you get on with,

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