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    I recently bought a Sony DVD handycam (DCR-DVD105), but i am having extreme problems with editing the footige. Im using a DVD-RW in VR format. When i put the miniDVD into the computer it plays fine using the DVD player on the computer (such as WinDVD Player), but when i try to play or edit the footage using anything else, it ether plays really glichy or the program thinks its a five second clip. So in the second case i end up with a 15 minute video compressed into 5 seconds. The same happens when i put it into Adobe Premiere 6.5, the clip is 5 seconds long, so i cannot edit it. If there is someone out there that can help me edit the footage it would be extremely apreciated because i have a lot of video pilling up, but cannot do anything with it.

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    This is why I hate these cameras! DVD camcorders are the spawn of Satan as they are a gimick! Sorry to say it but its true. They have been made for consumers who will buy them assumuing they will be great but anyone who want to do more than just watch their footage on the camera or on a PC will have problems.

    Getting the footage off the discs is a pain in the backside too. It is possible but my advice is to go sell it and buy a proper camera. By proper i mean a camera that uses tapes. Minid DV is still great quality and its digital.

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