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Thread: Getting better quality with memory stick ???

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    Default Getting better quality with memory stick ???

    Okay so the camera I have uses mini-DV tapes and a memory stick or memory drive or w/e you call it (for taking pictures, but also records videos).

    I've been using the tape, because they have better quality, but the tapes are expensive and it limits the recording time.

    If I could use the memory stick thing to record it would be perfect, cuz it's like unlimited recording cuz i can just keep deleting the videos once they're on my computer.

    But the problem is that when I record on the memory mode, the videos come out in HORRIBLE quality, worse than a webcam.

    Is there some kind of setting I have to change to fix this or something I can do???

    Let me know if you need any more information.

    Help me out please.

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    Err... you do know you can transfer DV tapes to your comp as well right?
    It's not about what camera you use or how much it cost.

    It's about what you shoot,
    how you shot it,
    and how you edit it :P

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    Why buy a minidv cam and then record to a memory stick, then you better buy a cell phone with posibilities to record and take pictures.
    There is a certain reason why your camera can record to mini-dv, the memory stick is just a feature which, if you ask me, should never been integrated in a filmcamera. (Unless you have a panasonic hvx200 but that is a totally different story)
    So if you want to have highest qualityy, record to dv tape, and then capture to your pc. Afterwards you can record over that same tape again if you think they are too expensive. In fact you can use it untill you see the first "errors" appear like stripes or blocks in your footage.
    You do know that tape is 1 hour long? Therefore I find it strange that you don't find that long enough.

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