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Thread: Need some help finding software

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    Default Need some help finding software

    I just bought a DVD burner for my computer and have nero 7 won't convert the video until I get the full version...I've downloaded some video converter programs but it still says the same thing when I go to burn a DVD...I guess my questions are:

    Q1: Is there any free converting programs out there that will get me over this problem or should I just buy the Nero 7 full version

    Q2: Is there anything better than Nero 7 for making DVDs that doesnt cost more than Nero 7...I'm new to this DVD thing so let me know what is good...thanks

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    For burn a DVD,maybe you need to do the conversion first.Don't know which fromat your source files are,but I think you may need to convert video files to DVD first,then burn to disc.If not,Nero will not allow you burn.You can find out so many converters which can support that,just use google.

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