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Thread: .avi:video in vegas 6.0 no video in 7.0

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    Default .avi:video in vegas 6.0 no video in 7.0


    i m quite new to vegas

    earlier i had vegas 6.0 on my system

    I had no problems

    but then I installed vegas 7.0d on my system

    now I m not able to get video of .avi files

    I hav not installed ne new codecs after uninstalling 6.0

    I m gettin the vdo when I play the file in WMP or VLC

    I was gettin vdo in veags 6.0d of .avi files

    can ne1 help me out???

    I visited a lot of forums but could not get a soln

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    I'm having the exact same problem with my versions except that the audio does not show for mine.

    Only the video piece shows but it does not show any video.

    I can play .avi files with any other media player on my computer but I can't play it with vegas. It is not a problem with codecs but rather a problem with vegas. Anyone have a solution?

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    I would say it is something codec realted but I am not a teccy expert so I hesitate to give a definitive answer.

    Try installing the codecs you need, you can usually find them with google.

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    Default not codec it is a setting

    well i don't understand if this is a codec problem

    how d hell can i play my videos in ne player other than vegas

    this is not a codec problem it is rather a setting in vegas i guess

    coz d first time i played .avi file in vegas 6 same prob occured

    but one day again tryin .avi file it asked for somethin(I don't remember)
    related to video somehow I did somethin n
    got d video

    now when i hav installed vegas 7 I m not gettin d vdo

    ne1 who knows plzzzzz help

    I need it....

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    I installed Vegas 7.0 and had the same problem, turned out to be the fact that for some reason my codec (mine was DivX) didn't work with Vegas 7.0 so i downloaded this codec:
    and it works just fine now, hope this helps you as much as it did me.

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