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    Hello, im new to these forums and hopefully i can get some help with what i need. Well since this is my first post, im not sure if im sopposed to post this here but mabye somebody can give me some guides to what i need help with. Well what i really need some help on is a frame by frame program, i have no idea where to get one specifically or maybe adobe has one, im not really sure. Maybe its because im new to the video scene, thanks for your help!

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    Still not sure what the question is. Do you want to edit a video or do frame by frame animation or.....?

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    Yeah well i wanted to maybe do stop motion if that helps but not with animation i have an example here at this link

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    You can open a sequence of stills from a digi stills camera. Ive just taken vegas off my comp so I cant check but I think theres a 'import stills sequence' check box somewhere in the File>Open window. Sorry not to be clearer.

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    You can drag stills into the timeline and edit them like video to do animation.

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    On File > Import Media, there should be a checkbox like "Import still image sequence". You just set the frame rate and voila.

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