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    For use on Vid clips need to be no more than 320x240 and under 100MB.
    I have tried and failed when it comes to this, getting the size right is easy enough but I have been unable to reduce the quality enough to get the clip under 100MB.
    The standard 720x576 clip is over 700MB.

    Is there a way to set the end limit to 100MB?
    Ive tried reducing the quality down to 10% bu even then I'm still well over 100MB

    Thanks for any advice.

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    Adobe Media Encoder should do the job. I uploaded many videos using it and they were all under 65mb and i would say all were about 75% quality. I dont know how you can set the limit to a specific number but you can control pretty much everything else.
    You could export it out of premiere and then use Auto GQ - its free to download and it will allow you set a specific size limit.
    much easier with a computer

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    Or you can even use Windows Movie Maker. Choose the best WMV export setting that 100MB allows - at least Movie Maker gives you an idea of what the resulting file size will be before you commit to the encoding process.

    The "Video for broadband (512 Kbps)" preset produces 320x240 video. I just did a trial run for you - it turned a 50 second 173MB DV AVI clip into a 3.2MB WMV file.

    An alternative to the WMV may be to turn to the Xvid AVI codec - a very high quality codec. You should (once installed on your machine be able to export projects using it right out of Premiere. It can also be used in conjunction with Virtualdub.

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