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Thread: Adobe Digital Video Curriculum Guide

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    Default Adobe Digital Video Curriculum Guide

    Hello all

    I don't know how well known the Adobe Digital Video Curriculum Guide is amongst you all. For those of you editing with Premiere 1.5, this download is, in my opinion, particularly fantastic.

    It's a whopping 636 page pdf (36MB download), but can also be downloaded in chapters.


    27 modules covering:

    Module 1: Digital Video Workflow, Project Planning, and Writing Tips
    Module 2: Digital Still Photography: Issues and Techniques
    Module 3: Digital Video: Camcorder Features and Shooting Tips
    Module 4: Touring Adobe Premiere Pro's Interface and Features
    Module 5: Adobe Premiere Pro Set-up
    Module 6: Scene Selection and Video Capture
    Module 7: Creating Cuts-only Videos
    Module 8: Adding Transitions
    Module 9: Creating Text: Using the Title Designer
    Module 10: Advanced Editing Techniques and Workspace Tools
    Module 11: Working With Video Effects
    Module 12: Putting Video and Still Clips in Motion
    Module 13: Acquiring Audio
    Module 14: Editing Audio
    Module 15: Sweetening Your Sound
    Module 16: Adobe Audition: A Professional Audio Tool
    Module 17: Using Higher-Level Video Effects
    Module 18: Compositing Part 1: Layering Images and Clips
    Module 19: Compositing Part 2: Alpha Channels and Mattes
    Module 20: Adobe Premiere Pro Editing Tips, Tricks, and Techniques: Part 1
    Module 21: Tips, Tricks, and Techniques: Part 2
    Module 22: Exporting Adobe Premiere Pro Frames, Clips, and Sequences
    Module 23: Adobe Photoshop in DV Projects: Still Images and Layers
    Module 24: Creating Animated Text with Adobe After Effects 6.0
    Module 25: Creating Motion Graphics With Adobe After Effects 6.0
    Module 26: Authoring DVDs with Adobe Encore DVD
    Module 27: Using Adobe Photoshop to Edit Menus for Adobe Encore DVD
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    Good link. Thanks! I'll have a read and shall be asking questions next week.
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