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Thread: DVD region free problem is solved

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    Default DVD region free problem is solved

    I have become very frustrated by the fact that all the DVD players recorders and roms that we have in our house are restricted.
    We can only play films bought in Britain on British made players. It is the same in the US.
    It is only recently that I have found out about this region restriction and I don't know what anybody else thinks but I feel it is wrong.
    Like many people, I would imagine, I have been searching every possible website for ways to make our DVD player and recorder region free as my daughter has brought back some Disney films including Monsters Inc from Florida.
    We did not realise that they could not be played on our DVDs back home so as you can imagine she was very disappointed. Even our Sony DVD writer on the computer could not handle this. My husband and I were embarrassed because we should have known. I mean, she could have got Monsters Inc back home.
    To try and prevent her from buying these films again here, I noticed having been on a site called DVD Reviewer that a service was recommended that claims that you can do the job at home yourself for nearly all players but I have had my doubts about whether it would damage my players which were a LiteOn and a Samsung which was bought in Australia .
    I could not find any way of doing it until I noticed the suggestion of the website so i thought I would give it a go.
    Firstly it is not a free service, although I guess nobody actually said it was free so I donít know where I got that idea from. But then I could not quibble over £2.99 which the people say is the equivalent of buying a beer for the trouble.
    Put like that it seemed reasonable.
    I tried the LiteOn first just to test whether the service worked and I got an almost instant response and yes, I can confirm it worked. My player was unlocked.
    I then asked for instructions for my Samsung. Exactly the same. Maybe took a few hours after I had paid to come through but then I mustnt grumble, I guess.
    We have both our player and recorder region free which is fantastic.
    As I may have indicated i had my doubts. Severely so. Because you donít know who you are going to run into on the net. But my fears were totally unfounded.
    I just wish I had run into this service earlier as it would have saved a whole lot of unnecessary concern.
    But I do think that it is wrong that these players are restricted in any case. It is totally wrong.

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    UMDs for PSPs have Region codes too, however, the games do not. Insane no?
    It's not about what camera you use or how much it cost.

    It's about what you shoot,
    how you shot it,
    and how you edit it :P

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