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    Default capture card?

    anyone please suggest me what type of capture card can i buy?im fond of doin editing in avid xpress and vegas.and i want to capture video from both hd and dv.

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    Any standard firewire pci card will do.

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    thank u boss.but i want to have more than a firewire so only i asked.since bcoz i wanna have a proffesional equipments for my editing purposes.can u please tell me medium budget of an proper capture card?
    and also i want to know,is pentium d 3.4 and 2gb of ram is good for editing purposes?thank u!
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    If you are capturing from a DV or HDV camera a f wire card is the way to capture.

    If you also want to be able to capture from analogue sources than you will need also need a analogue to digital convertor. Canopus manufacture a very good range from 130 upwards.

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    blimey....I thought firewire was the professional regards PC spec, as my partner the best you can afford....then borrow a few quid to make it better.... we use pentium 4's 3Ghz 1 Gb ram with loads of additional HDD space....remember video is 13Gb an hour....use 4 cameras on a shoot and you're up to over 50gb for 1 hour

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    To reiterate what's already been said. To capture from SD or HDV camcorder all you need is a cheap firewire card. Thgat's as 'pro' as you need. Ok, so you could buy an expensive one but I don't imagine you'll ever really see enough difference to worry about it. I've never had a drop out captureing HDV across the cheapest card i could find.

    For me the term 'capture card' really comes into play when you are thinking of capturing from an analogue device like a VCR. That's where the money is best spent if it's what you want to do.

    The only other thing to add is that if you spend serious money you will be able to capture anything and convert it to the likes of MPEG2 in real time. This is a great time saving benefit if all you are doing is captureing from an analogue source for copy to DVD and becomes well worth the expense (depending on how much you value your time on this planet) if you have loads to do.

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    I use the onboard Firewire port of my PC's motherboard. Its more stable than the other cards i have bought!

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