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Thread: first display of work... criticism welcome

  1. Default first display of work... criticism welcome

    I've been a video editor amature for some time now and I'd really like to get some feedback, as well as criticism for improvement.

    Here you can download a small clip I edited of a Bat-Mitzva on a boat: (For the clip I made the quality a bit poorer then the original cause I wanted it to be a small file, so no criticism on that


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    The quality of the clip seemd quite poor? (Just kidding) The only thing I didn't like in it was when you used fade-in and outs in the same clip, in that case I would have used 2 different clips. Also what I missed a bit was the sound of the boat and the water. Think if you would have used more sound from the clip itself in the background it would add more athmosfeer. Otherwise it was a fun clip to look at.

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    Yes, I already changed that practice of using same frames.
    About the sound, this was a "tease-clip" I had send to the family just to get an idea of the whole 20 minute DVD disk I made of the Bat Mitzva. Of course, in the 20 minute one, there are many places where you hear the actual boat, water, talking... with a low music background.

    Thanks for the feedback!

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    Damn that image quality ruined my day lol sike nah that was pretty cool i was feelin how you followed the music for the transistions and the fade ins and out were iight. I liked the animation in there but what was up with the color change? Other than that it seem iight
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  5. Default color change?

    Thunder, what color change?

    If you mean the pink color change when she kisses, that is the after effect of the fading hearts. If you mean the color change right after the animation, that was just the sudden change of lighting from the sun, since the boat was moving there and I was on the dock, and the cloth over the boat cast a shadow and when the boat moved, the sun was more exposed, causing the picture to brighten. If that's what you meant, so yes, I could have edited that frame and brightened up the first part a little. Thanks!

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    I liked it a lot. Cute kids and good song. I did not like the fade in and fade out effects though.

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    Thanks for the input. It really helps a lot to hear what's NOT good, supposed to all the "good" you hear from friends and family. Thanks again!

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