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Thread: My First project, Constructive criticism needed

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    Default My First project, Constructive criticism needed

    I'm a complete amateur at videography but I have bought the Canon HV10 and, using Vegas 7, completed my first project which is of a few of the sights in London.
    I Desperately need some constructive criticism so I can improve and would be Grateful if you could comment on the final video.

    It's 3Min 30sec long, recorded using the cam's auto settings and rendered at 1440x1080 HD.

    I dumped all the sound from the camera and used a BBC sound effects CD for all of the ambient sound In the video

    the direct link is here:

    or you can download it from this website

    Many Thanks


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    Try uploading to Google Video or Youtube or something, so those of us who aren't able to download a 160mb video file can watch your movies.
    I know Google has a desktop uploader for files 100mb+, actually I'm using it right now.
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    It's only that big because i've rendered it to 1080 HD i'll re render it to 720 and see what size it comes out at



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    All Looks great and in HD aswell. Camera quality looks superb. But i would put a low quality version somewhere it takes way too long to download and people don't want to sit for 10 mins waiting for it to come.

    Your filming and editing worked all very well, you should send it to the london tourist board.
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    WOW. The picture quality is amazing. I want that Cam.

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    wow that was a really good video, the video quality was amazing! HD rules. your camera rocks!!!!!
    a great man once said: you should always try and never give up because if you give up you will never win!

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    Thanks for your comments, I've rendered an MP4 version (16MB) here:


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    This was beautifully edited. I loved the intro credit sequence. I had a few issues with it though.

    Firstly it seemed that mot of the shots were lobsided. Watch how u set up your tripod. They were just a tiny bit off but it was noticable.

    Secondly - Colour Correction. London is a drab old town but you could lift it all by liftinh the contrast a bit.

    Otherwise it was excellent. - Good Work!

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    Thanks for your comments! I too noticed the off balance shots, must take more time to level the tripod.



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