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    I've read the faq, and couldn't find what is was looking for, so here it goes.

    I have recorded a drumband concert using 3 camera's (so 6 hours of film in total). 1 filmed the stage complete, and 2 zoomed in and took shots of solos etc.

    What i want to do is the following:
    I want the 2 main stage tapes to be the head timeline, and I want to put shots in from the other tapes, but keep the sound from the original 2 tapes from the overview (which had an external mic for best sound).

    Which software has this ability?

    Which method you suggest I use? (cutting the solo's first?)

    Kindest regards

    Frank Broersen
    Drumband Dr Nuyens
    The Netherlands

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    Premiere pro 2.0 has multicam abilities, once you have all your footage gathered and in sync, you can make a new sequence and make it multicam enabled. Then it's real easy once you have the multicam window visible by selecting the footage in the preview window, premiere makes the cuts on the timeline.

    So once you have all audio in synch you can choose whatever footage you want and premiere cuts it for you on the timeline.

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    Premiere pro does indeed have multicamera functions but if this is a one off and you are really aiming at the 'home' editting level then I suggest something down at the Premiere Elements level.

    Just do the multi camera thing manually. lay the tracks down on multi levels of video and sound. Razor and cut the bits you don't need and discard the audio tracks you don't need. Easy.

    All I mean to say though, is you do not need 'pro' level s/w for this job when the cheap ones will owrk fine although it might make it easier for multi camera work.

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    I did the montage of the "Jubileumtaptoe MCC Laren" a short while ago. It was a montage of 3 camera's and I did it in Premiere Pro 2 as follows:

    On track one I layed out the overall camera and on track two and three the close-up camera's and placed them in sync.
    I didn't want to use more than one hour so I cut out the parts I did not want and/or could not use.
    Than I cut out the parts on track two and three which were not usable, keeping in mind that the overall camera, on track one, is the backup camera.
    Than I decided by eye-balling track two and three which one I would use and cut out the parts I did not want to use.

    Keep in mind that people want to see themselves so use as much close-ups as you can.

    In Premiere you can seperate video and audio. I did not want to loose the sound of all the camera's so I seperated them and processed it later in Audition. Using the sound of all the camera's gave a more lively feeling to it.

    PM me if you want to go on in Dutch.

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