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Thread: Back from Iraq...with lots of footage!

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    Default Back from Iraq...with lots of footage!

    Hello from Washington,

    I got back from Iraq last year in Nov. I spent the last few months making a video to give to my platoon chock full of good music and excitement. Everybody raved about it. (of course, I'm not a pro and they're friends of mine But anyway...I think it might make a decent documentary of sorts. Add a scripted voice over and a few interviews. A lot of the footage is on missions. We hunted IED's so I have a lot of explosions, a couple firefights. Most of the footage is from inside the vehicle. Not a lot up close stuff. Some of the footage is of us back on the base, talking, goofing around, stuff like that. I shot it all with a JVC Everio camcorder with a 30 gig HDD. I had a 6 hr. battery so that's how I caught some IED's going off. I made a little stand for it in the windscreen so some of it is a little shaky.

    So what I'm trying to get at...I'd like to sell it. But i don't know where or how to start. I'd like the advise of some of you seasoned vets. I have it all on about 25 DVD's packed as full as I could get them. All in MPEG-2 format.

    Also, maybe some of you will remember me. I posted around April last year about Iraq footage and if you would like to see a video.


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    I would put some of the footage up for viewing before you get into selling it. Its always good to get other (Neutral) persons opinion not just your mates.
    I have no doubts that what you have done is great but a secound opinion always helps.
    Also would you not have to have the permission of the poeple in the film etc before you could sell it. And also i would of thought your goverment would have something to say (censor) about your film before it goes out to the public.
    Sorry but haven't seen any of your previous footage, so i am commenting blind here.
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    Dude - Sounds excllent. As FNG said your government would prolly have a feild day with legal issues. I'm not 100% sure about this but i was under the impression that you soldier boys had certain confidentiality agreements - You should check this out.

    If you want distribution you should think about approaching local production companies for help. If someone believes in the idea they will probably agree to help you re-edit it to get it up to broadcast standards and the help with distribution but you'd be signing a contract with them on it.

    Also you could approach biger nation-wide production companies. Usually you'll end up sending of DVD's to several companies and they will make an offer to buy it from you.

    Make sure you keep the rights of the footage! Be very careful here. While it may be snapped up they may ask to have the rights of the program but you will get a large cut of any monies earned. Make sure you are credited and DO NOT sign away the rights of the original footage.

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    As Irishmark says, keep a very tight hold on the rights to that footage - you may be giving away something of real value - both financially and creatively - if you act rashly.

    Many amazing documentaires have sprung from such footage and there is huge interest in this subject at present.

    Do some research and see if you can find some filmmakers to talk to about the footage, see if you can find someone who can tell your story with you and your film.

    I would take the long view - dont just go for a quick buck.

    I probably sound a bit intense but documentary is what really interests me and finding stuff like this and a person like you can be a documentary makers dream.

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