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Thread: Ghosting in Premiere 7.0

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    Default Ghosting in Premiere 7.0

    This questions might sound a bit strange, but in premiere 7.0 when I apply the ghosting effect on the timeline the clip looks fine, exactly how I want it. But when I render the timeline the ghost-effect changes and instead of taking frames from 0.3 seconds ago (or whatever it is) and takes from 0.3 seconds AHEAD so it looks really strange and not as previously shown. And since the ghost effect doesnt have any options you can control I dont know what to do...

    Help pleaz

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    I find that the ghost fx in premier pro is not as good or controllable as the old one and it also exhibits strange buggy behaviour - maybe I'm missing something.

    The way I now use it is: duplicate the clip I want to ghost in the track above it, apply ghost to the new clip, adjust the clips transparency to about 40% (experiment)...... It still isnt like the old ghost fx but quite nice.


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    thanx mate.... it worked.. I also found out that if u but the speed to 80 % it looks even better :P...

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