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    Hello everyone. My name is Yosi and I'm from Israel. I'm totaly new to the world of digital video editing but I'm very intrested by it for a long time now. I would like to learn video editing in a high level (up to film editing) where should I begin?

    I use adobe premier pro2 and know only basics... it seem that there's alot of things I cant do in it, like creating effects like in the commericals... how do they create those animated commericals?

    thanks you for answering.

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    A good starting point would be to take a movie which you really like and copy it to your harddisk. Then take out a scene and analyse it. See how it is build up, what camerapositions were used and try to figure out what make that specific scene works. Good editing is often a matter of correct timing and just showing what is necessary. Just have a look at commercials which are very short but show exactly what is needed to send out a message, filmmaking is actually the same.

    For effects you should try after effects which is more suitable for that. Premiere has some abilities but is actually more an editor.

    Just start editing and don't stop anymore , try to edit a scene in different ways, see how different types of music change the mood in your scene. (Never underestimate the importance of music/background sounds.)

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    Thank you noa, I come from a long history in music making, I'll never underestimate it. Thanks for the advices you've given me I will take them all into consideration. Thanks again, Yosi.


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