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    Bear with me! I just got Vegas 7 and uploaded some video footage. I'm struggling like hell to make any sense of vegas, the manual is poor, is there a for-dummies-type book out there? I've learned many software progrms in the past without too many tears but this thing is a nightmare!

    For instance... I want to brighten and add contrast to a whole clip and view it first in the preview screen, the whole clip is a bit dark but useable once I've done this. Can anyone tell me how to do this, I'm sure my head is in some sort of Matrix-like editing loop, and the world of Vegas will become clear once I've done this task. Any one out there to help me...!

    Otherwise I'll stick to filming.....


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    Have you checked out the 'guides' tab at the top of this page?
    Have a look at #2 'Sprucing Up Your Video - Playing with Curves in Vegas'

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    Quote Originally Posted by scodger View Post
    HI've learned many software progrms in the past without too many tears but this thing is a nightmare!
    Interesting tutorials can be found here
    They can be ordered online and a part is free to be viewed.

    Not that it will help you further, but I had exactly the same experience when I tried Vegas, I started editing on Magix videodeluxe and switched over to premiere pro after that. Eventhough many people say that premiere has a steep learning curve, I found my way in it very quickly. Vegas on the other hand...The reason why I tried was because some of my friends couldn't stop talking about it how good it was. Then I found out that the approach Sony used is completely different from what I was used to with magix and premiere and it didn't matter how much I tried. I got more frustrated with it every time I had a go. Eventhough I am convinced that it is a very good editor, I don't have the time and patience to switch anymore. With vegas it feels like writing with my left hand.

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    Interesting - Editors are very complex pieces of software and I supppose many factors affect how you take to one or the other.

    I have always found vegas intuitive but i do remember that when i started using it I stubbornly stuck at it, and I think what helped is that i came to it from the same companys music software (acid) and it kind of worked the same way.

    I also had a go on premier years ago but I found that an even steeper learning curve.

    People often say 'what is the best' and ages ago I would often sound like a vegas zealot in my praise. I tend to sit on the fence a bit more now.

    The truth is that we are spoiled for choice, there are many flexible and capable programs out there and all can create great results but none make it easy for you - editing is a complex technical and demanding creative task whatever you use, it will always require dedication and many long hours of struggle befor it gets intuitive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark W View Post
    it will always require dedication and many long hours of struggle befor it gets intuitive.
    Exactly, that's why I refered to "writing left". You know how to write but once you start to write with your left hand you really have to focus hard to get something leggible on paper and it takes 3 times as long.
    With vegas the different approach makes it even harder to adapt, there are a lot of small differences which take hours to find out how to do. Once you get the hang of it then it works fine but if you are running a "one man" wedding videographers business were you have to finish a one hour film every 1 or 2 weeks it gets very frustrating if you are running against the clock.
    I remember trying out the demo from vegas 7 and I captured footage from a wedding, because I didn"t want to have the full hour I stopped the capturing at 20 minutes, suddenly I got a warning that I forgot to enter the tapes name. I pressed OK and next thing I saw was my desktop, vegas crashed and none of the 20minute footage was visible on my harddisk. Probably this was just a one time event but as said if you run a business you can't afford hickups like that. Therefore I just stick with premiere as that has only crashed 2 times in a years time (2 times when I was scrolling the timeline very fast) but each time premiere managed to save the work I did, I got a message that it would try to save the project just after the crash appeared.
    I think the main part of the more expensive editing software is good today, without an exeption, once you find an editor that does the job you should stick with it.

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    I have found the Vegas Help files to be the most useful item. While normally the help files are rubbish Vegas has done an excellent Job. - Have some patience with it and you will crack it.

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    Post sony vegas

    Yea I have sony vegas 7, just read the booklet that came with it. and in the program they have a tutorial help thing.
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