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Thread: bottle skating video :)

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    fAuLk Guest

    Default bottle skating video :)

    Ive been experimenting with Adobe Premiere Pro and this is probably the best video I've done. I know it ain't great, but I'd really appreciate some constructive feedback so hopefully I can improve


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    fAuLk Guest


    Sorry I forgot to mention...

    The video is 1.74 MB in size and is 43 seconds long.

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    It would have been nice to have seen a lot more camera angles (low shots, tracking shots etc) - it appears the same thing is repeated ad nauseum.

    Also would have been good to have filmed "the setup" - placing the bottles on the ground for example. With this you could have created a stop-motion type animation where the bottles mysteriously appear one by one. If you've got after effects, you could also have made it appear that the bottles scattred by themselve on one run (simple but prob not the best way would be to get some to push the bottles from the back, then composite this with a completely still set of bottles to cut out the person that's pushing).

    If you've got a tripod, you could also set up a static shot and have all your mates make the same run. That way you could cut all the runs into one (person A with the first third, B with the second etc).

    A bit of reverse is also a cheap gimmick to make things more exciting, as would be comparing two runs side by side on the screen.

    Just a few thoughts

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    fAuLk Guest


    Ive tried to do what you suggested about cutting a few of the runs into one

    Size: 2.49MB
    Length: 64 seconds

    What do you think?

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    I'll take a look tonight.

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    Getting better.

    I think you're being a bit too rigid in your editing. You seem to have a beginning (introduction of everyone - essentially the same thing repeated 4/5 times), then random views of people (forward and back), then a photo type montage.

    Perhaps it would be better to mix all these things up a bit more. I'd def start with the camera goig down the hill (5 secs into the clip), then have the same person going down the run a few times before his credit comes up. Repeat this for eveyone. Use your reverse effect, slow mo etc, on each person, but don't overdo. Finish with someone staking it big time or how you actually finished it.

    Remember, it's so much easier to edit when you've planned the footage a bit more.

    Sorry, I'm beeing waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too picky here... it's a good video, and remember this is just my EXTREMELY humble opinion. Check out my videos to see how it shouldn't be done

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    I like the editing, the forwards-backwards reverses plus stop motion work well. I think it would be better if you mixed in a little of the audio from each shot, or added some silly sound effects each time a skater splats.

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