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    I wondered if one of you could help with, hopefully, a fairly simple question? As the title states, I've got no idea whatsoever about the whole camcorder market but I would like to know which one would best suit my requirements. These are:

    1) A camcorder which enables me to create a video blog and upload it to a website. Here, simplicity is the key. Also, I want it to look fairly professional and, therefore, I might have to do some degree of editing.

    2) I'm initially looking for a camcorder which will be able to take recordings of a newsreader-style (i.e. a person behind a table) event. Following this, I'm hoping to be able to shoot outside and will probably need something able to work in a wider-screen (perhaps not the correct terminology) style.

    Furthermore, are there any other things that I need to buy other than the camcorder? I presume, for example, that I would need a tripod?

    Since I am a total beginner, I'm not really looking for loads of fancy features, buttons etc. As regards budget, I suppose something up to 500.

    The chap in a well-known high-street store reckoned that everything in his shop would suit my purpose and that nobody would be able to tell the difference between a camera costing 150 and one costing 500. He said that the only difference was the way that the data was stored, i.e. on a DVD, a hard disk etc. and, thus, the length of recording time. To be honest, I wasn't exactly convinced by this and, hence, my question.

    Thanks in advance for any advice given

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    For a videoblog the The chap in a well-known high-street store is right, you almost won't notice the difference and buy a mini-dv cam which is easiest to work with if your new in video and yes, buy a tripod. Especially with these very small handycams it makes a world of difference if you use a tripod or not.

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    Thanks a lot for your help - it is much appreciated. Following on from your comments, would you say that something like Sony's HC35 would fit the bill?

    Thanks again

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    Remember that if you're only using it for vidblogging then quality is probably not a terribly large issue, as you're gonna be downscaling and compressing the hell out of the picture anyway : P
    It's not about what camera you use or how much it cost.

    It's about what you shoot,
    how you shot it,
    and how you edit it :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Best_OutRunner View Post
    Remember that if you're only using it for vidblogging then quality is probably not a terribly large issue, as you're gonna be downscaling and compressing the hell out of the picture anyway : P
    True, something to take into consideration. If you compress your video's to make them web ready you can use windows mediamaker which come with XP, it's "free" and does a very good job compressing.

    The dc35 from Sony is a good choice, especially because it has dv in and out, that means you can transfer your film from camera to pc but also back from pc to the camera's mini-dv tape. For backup and safekeeping reasons that is an important option. Because I also have this camera (Use it mainly to transfer my tapes to pc) I can say that, for that size, it has surprisingly good image. It also has a fun option called nightmode, meaning that you can tape in absolute darkness (In black/white)

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    Best_Outrunner and Noa

    Thanks a lot for your answers.

    I shall purchase the aforementioned camcorder and, without doubt, be back! I've certainly got plenty to learn!

    Best Wishes


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    Dear All

    As predicted, I'm back!

    The manual for this camcorder suggests that I should get an i.LINK cable rather than using the USB cable provided. Since I'm trying to produce a video blog, is this still appropriate?

    Thanks again for the advice given to date. The camcorder seems really easy to use and the quality seems stunning for a mere 200.

    Hope to hear from you both again

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    Yes. Always start with the best quality input no matter what the output.

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    Will sort one out now.

    Thanks a lot

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