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Thread: whats more annoying than jacky stalone

  1. Default whats more annoying than jacky stalone

    soooo.... whats IS more annoying than jacky stalone!?!!?

    Having all your chuffin equipment stolen! - allong with a nintendo wii and all kinds of other stuff!

    i am not a happy bunny..... i had a tone of footage to put on the PC and edit, at least they did take the PC!

    arrrghhhhh why do people think the can come into my house, steal my stuff and leave my rabbits running round in glass!

    i dont even have a bloody camera to document this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    </end rant>

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    That SUCKS. I'm sorry to hear about it. Hope the police will find the bastards. Did you at least have an insurance?

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    I think this is every videographers worst nightmare, I really hope that they will get caught.

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    yeah insurance is all sorted... im not putting much hope on them being caught.

    but im sure it will all be ok.. im getting a reet fancy cctv system now tho

    im just so gutted that i have lost footage for an event we filmed, and i never had a chance to put it on the PC.

    well we live and learn - my tip of the day..... dont leave all your equipment in a nice bag ready for them to take... buy a safe!!!

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    You have my sympathies. Really bad luck. Fingers crossed you get a decent payout from the insurance.

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    Sorry to hear about this happening to you. Some people are a waste of air and house breakers are near the top of my list.

    Losing kit is terrible and losing footage is a further insult - glad you they didnt take the PC - personally that would be my greatest loss - all my completed films from 3 years work. Cos of this fear I have a backup of all my work on a drive in a removable caddy that I hide away.

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    yeah loosing my pc would have been very bad indeed! likewise i have several years worth of finished an ongoing projects. at least the cams can be replaced with only a little bit of footage lost - and with a bit of luck an upgrade as well! we had canon xm1's and im pretty sure they are not sold anymore.

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