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Thread: I know people don't like this but can you watch anyhow?

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    Talking I know people don't like this but can you watch anyhow?

    Hey everyone, I'm new on the forums. I have been editing for quite some time now, and I am self taught. I use a lot of different programs, mainly Vegas, After Effects, and Photoshop. I edit Halo 2 Montages for people on, and I was wondering if I could get some feedback on this one that I'm working on right now. I posted a REALLY bad one here a looong time ago, and I have improved quite a bit, and I'm back again for another try. People here told me that they aren't really interested in Halo Montages/First person shooter videos, but I ask that you please watch anyhow, and tell me what you think. Please be honest, and give constructive criticizm. This is about half way done, but its like 2 mins 50 seconds I think. I am currently working on three more projects for some people, and I am planning on taking editing classes soon. Any tips and help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Sorry for the long message.

    Heres the link:

    - D. Funk

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    The main reason for people nit particularly liking these is because there are sooooo many of them out there. Its a new phenonmenon that's exploded all over the internet and its difficult to find ones that are legitematly entertaining in their own right.

    Firstly - you seem to have 3 diffrent intor's with 3 diffrent bits of musci - it makes it very disjointed. However those pieces are very nicely put together. Why have you separated them - there is no need.

    Secondly - the sound mix is not quite right. It would be nicer to hera more of the game sound. Was a lil too quiet.

    thirdly - it gets a lil repeditive. This may be down to the fact that i am not a Halo3 gamer and maybe hardcore gamers would appreciate this more.

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