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Thread: Purchasing advice, obscure function required.

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    Default Purchasing advice, obscure function required.

    I'm looking for a software package to do some very specific things and I thought I'd delve into the collective expertise of this forum for some advice.

    I'm completely new to video editing, but I have a serious research project on the go and need to analyse some video (m2p?) . I'm looking for some software to do the following:

    (i) crop videos into shorter files to be renamed and saved

    (ii) extract accurate timings for events on the video (precision of about 10ms would be good). I need to be really confident that the timestamps for frames are accurate.

    (ii) extract accurate (x,y) locations for objects and events in the field of view of the camera.

    Now (i) and (ii) shouldn't be a problem for most software, but (iii) seems a bit more tricky. My aim is to locate events within the video frame so I can calculate where they happened in the real world. The calculation isn't a problem as long as I can extract x,y pixel coordinates from within the video frame. This seems to be common enough in image editing packages e.g., Photoshop, but I have no idea whether it exists in video editing software. Can anyone suggest a software package that has this function?

    Cost is an issue: hundreds of pounds rather than thousands would be good. Incidentally, I've got to do this many, many times so capturing individual frames, pasting them into something like photoshop and getting the locations from there isn't feasible.


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    premiere pro should deal with (i) and(ii) and then you can export a particular frame with premiere and look at the co-ords in photoshop.

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    Cheers komatoast, but, as I said, that's not feasible since I need to do this for hundreds, if not thousands, of events i.e., hundreds of frames.

    I'm happy to manually enter the x,y coordinates into a spreadsheet but the extra hassle of capturing each frame of video, exporting it to photoshop and then locating the objects will take far to long. Ideally I'd like a video software package with a tool (like the one in photoshop) that gives you x,y pixel coordinates of the current location of the mouse pointer.
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    well that was the only solution i could think of im afraid...
    after effects can export the entire section of footage out to images sou you wouldn't have to do it manually.
    im not sure you will find any software that will do what you need as i can't really think of any need for it in the editing world.

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    After Effects 7 gives you the exact location of the mouse-pointer, measured from the left top corner.
    The position of the mouse-pointer is a part of the info-pallet.

    You can zoom in to get more acurate.

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