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    1) Will a Sony cable work with any PC to transfer data or will it just work with Sony PCs? I have bought an cable to use with a Sony HC44 mini DV camcorder but am wondering now if i will be able to use it on my Packard Bell PC.

    2) The manual states that if buying an cable you shold get the 4-4 one. Is that right?

    You might have guessed i'm a bit stupid when it comes to these things. Please help!

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    I-link is simply another name for Firewire and they will work on any suitably equiped PC. The 4/4 question...... Cameras usually have a small 4-pin on board, laptops the same, but PC towers usually have the 6 pin. Check your camera and PC to see if they're the same and buy accordingly.

    One last word of warning. Someone recently flagged up the issue of plugging in / unplugging while equipment is switched on and pointed out how common it is to burn out the socket on the camera when doing so. Make sure your camera is switched off when connecting.

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    There r no stupid questions, only stupid answers, like mine now The ilink or firewire cable will work with any pc that has a firewirecard installed
    The cable should be 6-4, the 6 pin will fit in your pc and the 4 in your cam, if you want to be sure, just take your cam with you to the store.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Turn Media View Post
    Make sure your camera is switched off when connecting.
    Definetely, eventhough fire has been engineerd to be hot swappable there have been many reports about blown firewire connections on the 4pin or 6 pin side. Also the first time you connect the cable, first insert it in your pc and then connect the camera.

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    Thanks for the replies people. Much obliged.

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