I'm trying to help an organization put it's educational video content on the web. I've run into a problem. They sent me folders containing a .mov reference file which is linked to 4+/- .mp4 files and plays them in order. On my computer (both PC and MAC) when I play the .mov file in the quicktime player it works fine, but when I upload the folder to their web server (which is a unix machine) and direct my browser to the .mov file I only the QT logo followed by a blank screen.

It was working when I ran some tests before so I don't know what could have happened but I believe it has something to do with the filenames of the .mp4 files they sent me. An example of the filename would be:
DVD_01_1-Video, Streaming, Watermark.mp4

I'm not sure why it worked before but I have a feeling the filename is the issue in that on the web server, the .mov file can't locate those .mp4 files. I was thinking to ask them to rename those .mp4 files and recreate the .mov's to reflect that filename change but I wanted to ask here b/c I'm not in video editing and someone might know a better solution or the cause of this problem?

Thanks in advance!