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Thread: Tweaking a win98 system

  1. Default Tweaking a win98 system


    Some of you may remember my problems with an old ati card ?
    Well I have done some tweaking and heres the results :

    The card will now convert vhs tapes flawlessly in Mpeg raw format at 320x240 25 FPS, i then transfer the file to my win xp pro machine and get nero vision to convert to full screen dvd. Its almost good enough but not quite.

    The ati card will allow capture at 640x480 but drops frames which is a real shame as it would be very good dvd quality. Other than the usual turning off all background programs is there any other tweaking I can do without spending money ?

    It would solve all my problems and I can finally convert all my old vhs without buying loads of hardware.


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    Oh and I forgot to mention that the ati software only sees the hardrive as 2.1 gb ! Need a way round that too.

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    Off the top of my head

    1) Turn off Active Desktop
    2) Defrag harddrives
    3) Ensure DMA is enabled on all drives (it isn't by deafault)
    4) Place Virtual Memory (the "swap file" - win386.swp) on a seperate disk or partition
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    Im getting there at last.

    Dma was already done but when you say disable desktop do you mean view as webpage ?

    Also the swap file is on the same drive as the ati software but im capturing to a spare defragged empty hard drive - fat 32, should the sawp file be on a different drive than the ati software and drivers ?

    Sorry to be a pain but im closer to my goal at last, which is solving the problem without dipping into my wallet


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    I'm by no means a techie, but apparently it speeds things up if you put the swap file on a seperate disk. There are various tweaks associated with the Virtual Memory: For more info, check out:

    Apparently turning on Active Desktop eats system resources (when you set your desktop as a webpage)
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  6. Default New Card ordered !

    Its official, I gave up trying last nite :cry: :cry:

    Have just ordered an ATI All in wonder 9800 pro, which I hope is going to work with my old motherboards agp slot

    Its a shame as my old card *nearly* did the job but fell about 10% short on quality.

    Marc, if you want me to do a review on the card let me know.


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    A review of the card would be an excellent addition - and with your permission, I would duplicate this at!
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  8. Default Need a new system

    New card arrived today, and my system handles it but struggling big time :cry:

    Just ordered a new motherboard, case, drives, ram, p4 3ghz etc etc.
    After all my messing about ive had to upgrade the lot anyway.

    Next problem is reinstalling xp pro on a new system and we all know what that means - re activation due to extensive hardware changes. Its my own software (not borrowed) but I bet I get grief from Microsoft when I reactivate !!


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    Any luck with the system upgrade?
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