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Thread: Disabled forward-play?

  1. Question Disabled forward-play?

    Have some movies thath allways seem to be WMV and ASF files
    that has the problem that it its impossible to play forward and rewind when playing them, no matter what media.player i test, even VLC-get stranges colours when trying to move forward

    But it work wery well with no colour-problem when just playing it from start to goal, without toutching the forward button
    and this files allso refuse to identifie its own codecs, there is no file-info at all in neither video-inspector ore G-spot

    this is all info i can get from G-spot about he file

    File Type: ASF (.WMA/.WMV)
    Mime Type: video/x-ms-asf

    i have codec "pack all in one" installed, but i dont know if really helps to unistall it here (that is a common soulution ) seens all video-inpector program anyway fails to identify the codec

    have tested to fix the this files in "allmedia fixer" and it doesnt help either

    can i do something to get this files to play forward somehow?

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    I have found this with some .asf files - I know of no way to fix this.

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