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    Hello all, I am new to this forum. I hope that the knowledgeable folks here could help me with my current dilemma.

    I started video editing about 3 years ago with Avid Xpress Pro (on PC) at my school. Over those years I have become very familiar with the Avid software and for the most part like it. I am planning on studying Communications at college (more specifically TV/Film Production).

    Right now I am trying to decide what computer to purchase I have decided to go with a laptop for sure. I really want the portably, I feel extremely tied down with my massive desktop and after using laptops a lot over the last few months I have fallen in love with the convenience.

    Now the root of the issue and question I know I want a system that will give me the best video-editing capabilities possible for around $3000 (no software, peripherals, monitor, etc.) I am familiar with both Mac & PC, but have never owned a Mac.

    My question: If you were in my shoes what would you do?

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    What would I do? Get a desk top and a lap top.

    Editing needs as much power / storage as you can afford, that means a desk top. Get a lower spec lap top for the portability and you have it all.

    You can certainly edit on a lap top but if you are going to be editing more than now and again it's restrictions may be, er, restrictive.

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    Keep in mind that is laptop is virtually not upgradeable so whatever you buy now will be crap in like 2, maybe 3 years time. So editing on a laptop is not a long term option.

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    I tried using laptops for editing once it was very hard, it is very slow to operate, even with the newly strong processors for laptop, I will say that desktops are way better, the simplest thing is that desktops are much easier to upgrade them...
    as mihai said.
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    If you insist of working on a laptop, buy a Macbook pro with fcp or soon premiere pro. For just under 3000k you can buy that one (Without the software) with a 200gig disk, eventhough one, partitioned disk is not recommended for videoediting, it is possible.

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    Thanks for the input. I am reluctant to move to a laptop, but think it may be more convenient for me the next few years. I had looked at MacBook Pro's especially considering the Core 2 Duo's, 2GB ram, etc. They looked good, but never having owned a Mac it made me hesitate.

    At this point I'm still having trouble selling myself on a two-system approach with a cheap laptop and an expensive desktop.

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    Try look at this, it only need 1 thing added, Media Composer software installed.

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    The only Laptops worth their weight in Gold editing wise are Apple Laptops. PC laptops just dont cut it for editing. While its convinient to have them being portable you will suffer on performance!

    Ask yourself this - Why am i umpgrading my system? Is it to get better power or is it for convinience?

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    Well I actually have decided what to do with myself computer wise. I have purchased a 15" MacBook Pro w/ 2.33ghz Core 2 Duo Processor, 2GB RAM, etc. I also plan on keeping my desktop and enjoy the two for awhile. I'll probably only take the laptop with me to college, but should be able to keep the desktop at home with my parents only about 2 hours away.

    The Mac is gorgeous, I do not have any video editing software or equipment for it yet, as I am still undecided about whether Avid on a Mac is the right way to go. For now my editing is done at school on PC with Avid.

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    When they were writing Final Cut Pro they designed it with MacBooks in mind. If i were you I'd start using FCP. If i could afford a G5 myself I would buy one straight away.

    Avid will work but if you wanna get best performance FCP is the way to go. PLus Using FCP is more likely to get you work later on too as more and more studios let their avid suiyes lay idle and turn to FCP.

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