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Thread: Anyone have any video projects they want doing?

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    Default Anyone have any video projects they want doing?

    Hi there guys ,

    well i work at a Itv in Norwich UK and i'm hopefully wanting to go into the editing world. I've been editing videos at home for some time now with Adobe e.t.c and would love to add to my portfolio of videos.

    Does anyone have a project they need doing??



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    Gather up a few freinds for an afternoon and start shooting with no particular plan in mind, then over the next week or so create several projects with different themes. Its low-budget, and easy.
    It could turn out unusually good, especally if you have access to some music for music videos.

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    You could be just the guy I was looking for… yes I have a very interesting project on at the moment and am in desperate need for some editing help…. I promise this project would look great in your portfolio but first are you any good? And what programs do you use… Cheeky question I know but hey you gotta ask …. Look forward to your reply.


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    Thats what we like to do every so often around these parts where I live, just get a few people together, and start filming random things for a few hours.

    I'd havto know some more about what you would be working on to see if I could help in someway, but it would be great if I could.

    A few years ago I switched to adobe premier from relying soley on after effects (yes after effects for my main timeline layout! took quite a while), since then it takes a fraction of a time to produce films.

    I've had 8+ years of expense with a few commercial jobs at weddings and churches, my website is currently offline so you may want to check out the onces that are 1+ years old that I have on myspace

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