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    Default .rmvb to .avi

    I have a few .rmvb files I want to convert to something like .avi or .vob and all the sites I have found with a free trail for their software put a banner across the screen. Anyone a suggestion as to a program that will let me do the conversion without the banner? I don't want to pay $30 to convert just a few files.



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    Default JAHSHAKA Open Source Software

    I’m not sure this will take care of your application of file conversion because I just learned of this program yesterday and really haven’t had any time to play with it, but it’s an open source program, which means it’s “FREE” and it has a slick looking user interface, so please consider giving it a try and updating this thread to let us know your feelings:

    It’s “JAHSHAKA” at:

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    Afew converters can support the rm/rmvb the special format,I just know winavi can do that.But I wonder if it free.Maybe can try.

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    Google 'super c erightsoft' - a bit buggy and does a few odd things but this is the most capable convertor I have found - and it's free.

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